FALL 2019-SPRING 2020

The following is a listing of trips for the year 2019-2020.  Offered this scouting year is a Wilderness Canoe trip on the Alagash River in Northern Maine.  In order to qualify for the trip the Maine High enture scouts have specific age requirements plus other reqs, some of which all scouts participate in. 

Maine High Adventure Requirements include:

·         Community Service Trip
·         Wilderness First Aid
·         2 qualifying canoe trips
·         Formal Shakedown (Memorial Day Vacation)

We offer 3 canoe trips for all the scouts during the year, of which 2 trips Maine High Adventure participants must sign up for.  In addition, we offer a community service trip for all the scouts. The Wilderness First Aid and the Shakedown are for the Maine High Adventure participants only.

Date/Time Event
12/17/2022 December 2022 trip -- Boda Borg Boston Escape Rooms
Boda Borg Boston, Malden MA
01/20/2023 - 01/22/2023 January 2023 trip -- Carter Notch Hut in White Mountains
02/17/2023 - 02/19/2023 February 2023 trip -- Notchview Crosscountry skiing
03/17/2023 - 03/19/2023 March 2023 Trip -- Wilderness Survival weekend
04/21/2023 - 04/23/2023 April 2023 trip -- Pawtuckaway State Park
06/02/2023 - 06/04/2023 Maine High Adventure Shakedown
Umbagog Lake State Park, Cambridge NH

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