Agenda for Tuesday, December 11

Good evening everyone,

This is the agenda for the meeting:
7:00-7:05  |  Opening
7:05-7:20  |  Bennett’s Presentation (Those who are not going to January trip)                    
                 |  Pack Check (Those who are going will do the pack check)
7:20-7:35  |  Advancement Check-ins (Pack check may still continue if necessary)
7:35-8:00  |  YPT

Please bring your books so we can check up on your progress in theyear. There may be a COH (Court of Honor) coming up soon!

Pack checks will be mandatory for the January trip. Shannon Taylor (SISUNG.TAYLOR@GMAIL.COM) and Gerry Katz (GERRY.KATZ@HOTMAIL.COM) are the adult leaders for the trip. Harrison Taylor (HSTAYLOR96@GMAIL.COM) is the scout trip leader as well. Refer to them for any questions.

Also, please book in your calendars that 12/18/18 will be the troop party. Special events will be planned for the troop party.

Feel free to talk with me if you need to.

Yours in Scouting,
Jeffrey Gomez

Adult Committee Meeting, Tuesday, November 27

From Andres, here is the proposed agenda for tomorrow’s Adult Committee Meeting.

SC 56 Committee Meeting—Nov 2018


  1. 2-4 Nov conservation trip (Andrés/Sue)
  2. 1 Dec Boda Borg (Lizbeth/Robert)
  3. Trip limits/lotteries (Andrés)
  4. 4-6 Jan Winter Skills (Shannon/Gerry)
  5. 1-3 Feb X-country skiing (Susan/Colin)
  6. Mar wilderness survival (Michelle/Andrew)
  7. Philmont (Britt)


  8. Troop room/gear update (Gail/Larry)
  9. Advancement report/CoH (Scott/Erin)
  10. Service report (Michelle)
  11. Inclusion update (Marietta)
  12. Treasurers’ report (Neil/Hitesh)
  13. Fundraising update (Kate)
  14. Announcements

Other dates to know:

  • 18 Decnext committee meeting (brief) and holiday party

Agenda for Tuesday, November 27

Hello Troop 56:

On behalf of Jeffrey — I am reminding you of our meeting tomorrow evening.  Bring your books, wear your uniforms.

Convening: pledge, law, oath
Patrol meetings
Shelter Building & demonstrations
Tree sale turn-in – FINAL
Tree sale shift sign ups
Trip announcements: Dec- Boda Borg & Jan- Winter trek

Looking ahead – we have meetings 4 Dec, 11 Dec & 18 Dec and then 8 Jan.

There is a trip 4-6 Jan — we do NOT have a meeting before that trip so planning will be done well in advance – stay alert.

Christmas Tree Sales – Script available!

After Edward B’s awesome “how to sell” tutorial at our weekly meeting, he has kindly provided a sales script to practice with.

Scouts can print this out and practice with family or a fellow Scout before heading out to their neighborhood. Thanks to Ed for providing the resource!

Download the script here: Christmas Sales Script v1

We also would like to link to the Salesmanship Merit Badge which Scouts might like to take advantage of:

Correct Forms are AVAILABLE

Dear All:

The Flyer has been revised to correct the date at the top (from 2016 to 2018), and I’ve edited the copy in a few places (Wilson Farms is no longer our tree vendor). They are available for download here.

If you have already started using the previous version, rest assured that the products, prices, and pick up address and dates were all correct on the original version.

Kate Scherlis (formerly Kate Elliott Smith)

UPDATED PARKING for the Cape Cod Conservation Trip this Friday

The countdown is on for our Cape Cod Conservation Trip, starting this Friday 11/2.

We will meet at 3:30 in the parking lot behind the Henderson Carriage Bldg on Mass. Ave., and we’ll return there Sunday around noon.

It’s the big brick building at 2067 Mass. Ave., not far up from St. James – just past the fire station and gas station.

To get into the parking lot:
Turn right on Hadley St. just past the Speedway gas station or Russell St. just past the building and traffic light at Walden, go around to the back.

See you there at 3:30 – don’t be late!
And don’t forget your bag dinner and your raincoat!

Adult Committee Meeting TONIGHT, Tuesday, Oct 30

All parents and adult volunteers are invited to the monthly committee meeting tonight 30 Oct at 7pm after the opening ceremony. Please email me any agenda items you would like to include in addition to the ones below!

Also, Jeni (our usual grubmaster) will not be able to join us tomorrow. Could someone volunteer to get some food for the adults? You’ll be reimbursed.

Committee Chair

Agenda Items: 
  1. 6-8 Oct MassJam (Jeni/Richard)
  2. 2-4 Nov conservation trip (Andrés/Sue)
  3. 1 or 2 Dec Boda Borg (Lisbeth/Robert)
  4. 4-6 Jan Winter Skills (Shannon/Gerry)
  5. 1-3 Feb X-country skiing (Susan/Colin)
  6. PhilmontLogistics:
  7. Advancement report/CoH (Scott)
  8. Service report (Michelle)
  9. Treasurers’ report (Neil/Hitesh)
  10. Troop room/gear update (Gail)
  11. Fundraising update (Kate)
  12. Autism awareness (Kathy/Julie/Marietta)
  13. Announcements

Agenda for Tuesday, October 30

Our agenda for tonight includes:

7-7:10 Opening ceremony & new patrol announcements

7:10-7:30 Scout Law: skits & conversation

7:30-7:55 Tree Sales: how to earn your 56 dues & beyond!

7:55-8:10 Cold weather hiking gear – do’s & don’ts

8:10 Announcements

8:15-8:30 Pack check & final trip details for November service trip

8:30 Closing ceremony & clean up

See you tonight in uniform, w/books, w/packs if you are going on the service trip.
(Please do not hold us too tightly to agenda times  – we will do the best we can.)

NOTE: Adults are having the monthly committee meeting at the same time.