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Frequently Asked Questions & Supporting Documents:

Paula Malady prepared this detailed slideshow for new parents, describing the ins and outs of Troop/Crew 56. Topics covered include: youth leadership structure, registration, annual dues, fundraising and advancement.

Robin Bonner prepared this brief digest describing the gear that youth and adults need, from uniforms and other clothing to camping equipment. Note that some specialized equipment is provided by the troop/crew, as detailed herein.

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  1. Hi there. I am an instructor with the Earth and Planetary Sciences department at Harvard. I am going through our field gear, and I have a collection of Coleman 1lb propane canisters that work with multi-burner camping stoves that we don’t need. I also have some foam sleeping mats and sleeping bag liners that are in good condition, but we are upgrading our gear.

    Are these items your group could use for the upcoming year? We would be happy to donate and help get young folks outdoors. I have tried several emails for the leadership, but my emails are bouncing back.

    Thank you for your time,

    • Hi Chloe,
      Yes, we’d be interested in the gear. You can email me directly at Sorry about the glitchy website communications; troop is moving to different internal communication model and hasn’t yet fixed settings on the website.
      Robin Bonner
      Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 56

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