June Trip: Canoeing Ipswich River

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Starts June 23, runs Fri - Sun

Harold Parker State Forest


TC56 Permission Slip
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Canoeing on Ipswich River. Camping at Harold Parker State Forest.

  • Adult Female Leader:
  • Adult Male Leader: Britt
  • Youth Leader:

Packing List


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  1. Packing List

    Required Items

    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping pad
    2 Water Bottles (Nalgene sized, at least 1 quart/liter)
    Durable shoes for canoeing (Keens, Crocs, old sneakers)
    Dry shoes for camp
    Swim suit or other clothes that can get wet
    Sun hat
    Pants (cannot be cotton)
    Shorts (cannot be cotton)
    T-shirt for canoeing (cannot be cotton – Your TC56 Tshirt is good!)
    2 pair of synthetic or wool socks (not cotton)
    Raingear (rain pants and rain jacket)
    Fleece jacket or sweatshirt (synthetic) or heavy wool sweater
    Clothes to sleep in
    Winter hat (wool or synthetic)
    Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) and a small towel or a bandana
    Headlamp or flashlight
    Mess kit – bowl, spoon, cup (fork and knife optional)
    Dry bag, day pack, or extra large zip bags for personal items, snacks, etc. while canoeing
    Backpack or duffle bag to hold everything big enough to carry all this
    A signed permission slip (look on this website under “Forms and Policies”)
    Brown Bag dinner for Friday night
    Boy Scout handbook if you have one
    Optional Items

    Strap (like Croakies) for glasses/sunglasses
    Storage case for glasses/sunglasses
    Insect repellent
    Camp chair
    Pocket knife
    Book to read

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