Turkey Roast

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Starts November 15, runs Sat - Sun

Nobscot Scout Reservation

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TC56 Permission Slip
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Where: Nobscot Reservation

Adult Leader (M): Colin Zick
Adult Leader (F): Kate Elliot Smith
Youth leader: t.b.d.

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  1. Packing List:

    Turkey Roast 2014!!!
    Packing List

    Scout book for advancement
    Winter hat (wool or synthetic)
    2 Pairs wool socks
    2 Pairs liner socks (synthetic)
    Hiking boots
    A lightweight daypack
    2 Water Bottles (Nalgene sized)
    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping pad
    Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)
    Synthetic long underwear top and bottoms
    Raingear (rain pants and rain jacket)
    Headlamp or flashlight
    Pants (cannot be cotton)
    T-shirt for hiking (cannot be cotton)
    Fleece jacket (synthetic) or heavy wool sweater
    Mess kit – bowl, spoon, fork and knife and cup
    Bag breakfast for Saturday (or eat before you get to St. James)

    Optional Items
    .        Sunglasses
    .        Collapsible chair
    .        Book to read
    .        Pocketknife

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