Agenda for Tuesday, January 15

Good evening,

Tomorrow’s meeting will comprise of only advancements. This is for the purpose of the upcoming COH. After some discussion with the adults at last meeting, the final date for the COH is February 5th so we can honor the female accomplishments OFFICIALLY!

Some quick announcements:

-February trip is coming up and next week will have a pack check for the trip
-BRING BOOKS for this week’s meeting so scouts can advance
-COH is on February 5th
-If you are taking the course for Personal Fitness, come to the church at 6:30 pm
-Mr. Donaldson will not be here for this week’s meeting

7:00-7:05 | Opening
7:05-7:50 | Advancements
7:50-8:00 | Closing

I also have some important updates from last week’s meeting. Some positions are already decided. These positions are: Bianca as scribe, Nora as instructor, Sam as instructor. The rest are still being determined for some certain notice as come up. Harrison is my Assistant Senior Patrol Leader but as of recently, he has to step down because he has his priorities set on schoolwork. It was great working with him as he gave me suggestions, pushed me further, and has accomplished tasks that I asked of him.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

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