March Trip – Please email regarding your interest

Hello Everyone

Eli and me, Emily, are the co-leaders for the March Trip.

We would like to know if you are still planning to go to this trip. Please reply to this email either way, so we can know if there is any space for the people on the waiting list.

March Trip description by Andres Ballesteros

Mar: Wilderness Survival (led by Michelle and Andrew)
· The focus on the March trip will be to try and complete as many requirements as possible of the Wilderness Survival merit badge, under the guidance of Registered Maine Guide Lou Falank. We will have a wood stove heated cabin for Friday night and emergency back up for Saturday night. The wilderness survival trip is mostly held outside and is geared to how to keep yourself alive if stranded out in the woods: making fire with no matches, creating your own shelter out of sticks, etc. One such requirement is to spend a night outside in a shelter you built. However there is nothing in the requirement that says you can’t use a sleeping bag so the plan is to use zero degree winter bags from the AMC.

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