Agenda for Tuesday, March 19

Hello everyone,

Last week, scouts not going on the trip have learned some material about wilderness survival. They will be teaching a couple of skills to those who are going on the trip so they are prepared.

7:00-7:05  |  Opening
7:05-7:20  |  Pack checks
7:20-7:40  |  Presentations by scouts
7:40-7:55  |  Food in cold weather
7:55-8:00  |  Closing

Do not forget that the weekend is the wilderness survival trip. The pack check will be re-done and will determine if you can go or not. So make sure you come prepared. Some scouts have passed the pack check and they know if they did. We are not punishing you but will rather have you be safe than sorry.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

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