Backpacking & Snorkeling

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Starts September 22, runs Fri - Sun

Camp Sandsland

Philmont qualif

TC56 Permission Slip
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(Philmont-qualified trip)

Ferry to Block Island and backpack/walk 1.1 miles to Camp Sandsland (BSA primitive camping site – carry water or fill up at nearby police station, latrine toilets).  Saturday – walk/hike 1.3 miles to New Harbor salt pond to swim, snorkel, kayak and paddleboard 

* a conservation activity may be possible too, if arranged ahead of time.
* Scouts and adults must pass the BSA swim test to go.  Troop will arrange a swim test in mid-September for those who haven’t taken it within the past 12 months.

Adult Female Advisor:   Penny
Adult Male Advisor:  Brit
Additional Adult Advisors (need 2): Gaelle, Diane, Danny, Syd and Ann (if there is room)
Youth Leaders:


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