Red Gate Farm trip

Starts March 27, runs Fri - Sun

Red Gate Farm

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Staying at the Red Gate Farm (Directions here) to work on the Animal Science merit badge.

Our host, Ben Murray, writes:

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Weather at present looks chilly, but better than current temps! I recommend that everyone pack and wear warm layers, and have extra socks and changes of clothing so that they can get out of Saturday work clothes and into dryer clothing for the evening. Mud is not too bad, but boots of some kind are recommended, with another pair of dry shoes for change later. Winter jacket, hat, gloves are unfortunately still probably needed as well!

Our kitchen will be ready for you, and has stove/oven, sinks, and refrigerator all for you use. There are is also standard cooking gear and eating utensils for your use as well.

For your divided space, I would bring your own tarps and rope – you probably know best what you need for this. We have some of these items, but they are not likely clean for sleeping quarter use.

We are all set for Animal Science merit badge, and will build the schedule around that. If you are able, I would recommend that scouts have a look at the notes we have put together. This is not required reading, but what we will go over together, and any advance reading is often helpful. The document can be found through this link:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Otherwise we will plan on seeing you after dinner on Friday evening.

Best wishes,

Adult Leader (M): David English
Adult Leader (F): Liz McNearney
Youth leader: Sam


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