Summer Trip: Maine High Adventure Canoe Trek

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Starts July 10, runs Mon - Sun



TC56 Permission Slip
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Maine High Adventure Multi-Day Canoe Trip

NOTE: Actual dates TBD

(date listed here is a “placeholder” to get the event on the calendar)

Cost: TBD

Participation Requirements:

  • must be 13 years old by July 2017
  • must be Wilderness First Aid certified (course will be offered in March)
  • must complete in-house canoeing course described below
  • must attend SC 56 2016–2017 monthly trips listed below
  • must provide complete BSA medical form, including Part C with doctor’s OK


In-house Canoeing Course

  • 6 Tuesdays of 6:30 pm sessions in April & May (see calendar for dates)
  • will qualify for Canoeing merit badge or Venturing Ranger Watercraft Elective

Required Trips

  • September (weekend canoe trip)
  • April (service trip)
  • May (holiday weekend canoe trip), this will be considered the Shakedown trip
  • June (weekend canoe trip)


  • Adult Female Leader:
  • Adult Male Leader:
  • Youth Leader:

Packing List


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