Mt. Greylock in the Berkshires

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Starts April 26, runs Fri - Sun



TC56 Permission Slip
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“At 3,491 feet, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. Rising above the surrounding Berkshire landscape, dramatic views of 60-90 miles distant may be seen. It became Massachusetts’ first wilderness state park, acquired by the Commonwealth in 1898, to preserve its natural environment for public enjoyment. Wild and rugged yet intimate and accessible, Mount Greylock rewards the visitor exploring this special place of scenic and natural beauty.”

2 nights camping, two days hiking.  2hr.42 min drive from Cambridge.         

Female Adult Leader:  Gail McCullagh
Female Adult Leader: MaryEllen Gallante
Male Adult Leader: Jim Wheaton
Male Adult Leader: David English
Youth Leader: Lixing Watermulder

Departure: Time TBD, St James Episcopal Church, Cambridge
Return: Time TBD, St James Episcopal Church, Cambridge

Sleeping location: TBD

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