Turkey Roast

Starts November 10, runs Sat - Mon

Hale Reservation


TC56 Permission Slip
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This year the Turkey Roast will be held at the Hale Reservation.

Adult Leader: Colin Zick
Assistant Leaders: Kate Smith and Anita McClellan

Message from Colin

Looking forward to a beautiful weekend (no snow!)

The following drivers are leaving from St. James at 4:30pm this Friday:

  • 3:30pm | Assemble at church
  • 4:30pm | Leave for campsite
  • 5:00pm | Set up camp
  • 5:30pm | Dinner (bring in a sack)

Colin Zick—taking Brian Z, Beau, Casey and Andres.
Anita McClellan—taking Brian O’, Zoe, Giacomo (and maybe Peter)
Karene Hines – taking Alix, Nick.

If you are planning on going Friday and your name is not listed above, let me know ASAP.

The rest of you are arriving per this schedule – again, if I have it wrong let me know.
(Eileen – you are bringing Nina, Emma and Lixing on Saturday)

Any youth going needs to complete the permission slip linked above and have it signed and returned to Anita or Colin. Leader contact info

Driving Directions

Packing list

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