Whitewater Rafting

Starts September 14, runs Fri - Sun

Crab Apple Rafting

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TC56 Permission Slip
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The rafting trip is an annual favorite. Held up in Maine with one of the best whitewater rafting companies on the East Coast, Crab Apple. If you weren’t present at the meeting on Tuesday, make sure to fill out and bring with you both the Troop/Crew permission slip (linked above) and a special release form required by Crab Apple.

Meet in the St. James parking lot at 3:30.
Bus departs 4:00 sharp!

Camp out Friday and Saturday in the woods on the Crab Apple Rafting property in Maine.

Rafting all day Saturday
Moose walk Saturday evening — last year we saw 4!

Return to Cambridge Sunday 2:00 PM

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  1. Photographs from trip, Part One:

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