Wilderness Survival School

Starts December 13, runs Fri - Sun

Camp William Hinds

Philmont req

TC56 Permission Slip
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Training for Philmont

Adult Leader (M): Richard Klibaner
Adult Leader (F): Tara Greco
Youth leader: Brian Zick


Friday: leave St. James after school on Friday and travel to Camp Hinds, operated by the Pine Tree Council. We will stay in two cabins at Camp Hinds. One cabin has bunks for 10, the other has bunks for 8.

Saturday: Wilderness survival course from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., covering:

  • risk management
  • water collection methods
  • discuss shelter types and exposure issues and depending on weather make a shelter as a group.
  • work fire skills both by friction and other methods
  • edible plants pro/cons and safety
  • primitive hunting methods such as ATLATL and throw sticks
  • advanced camouflage and movement games that will help with hunting and nature observation skills.

This course will cover a number of the requirements for the wilderness survival requirement for the Ranger award.

Sunday: return to St. James at approximately 12 noon.


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