Wilderness Survival weekend

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Starts March 11, runs Fri - Sun

Camp Wah-Tut-Ca


TC56 Permission Slip
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Recommended for Scouts who are working on Wilderness Survival merit badge or Wilderness Survival Venturing core requirement. We will focus on building fire without matches, building and sleeping in shelters, and winter foraging.

We will be overnighting at Camp Wah-Tut-Ca in Northwood, New Hampshire, one of our new council camps.

Female Adult Leader: Michelle Holmes
Male Adult Leader: Richard Klibaner
Youth Leader: Gwei

One thought on “Wilderness Survival weekend

  1. There will be a mandatory pack check on Tuesday, March 8th.

    Packing List

    2 shirts (non-cotton)
    2 pants (non-cotton)
    3-4 pairs non-cotton warm socks
    2 pairs liner socks
    2 pair long underwear (non-cotton base layer), top and bottom
    sweatshirt or fleece (non-cotton)
    additional layer of insulation
    winter coat or insulated shell (warm)
    winter cap (ski or knit hat) (fleece or wool)
    gloves or mittens
    rain gear, top and bottom
    winter boots with removable insulating liner (for instance, Sorel)
    camp shoes (crocs, old sneakers, etc.)
    sleeping pad
    flash light or(preferably) headlamp
    water bottle, filled
    mess kit
    scout handbook
    0° Fahrenheit rated sleeping bag (if you do not have one, the Troop will provide it, please
    let me know ASAP)

    Survival kit:

    2 one gallon heavy duty ziplock plastic bags*
    emergency mylar blanket*
    water purification tablets*
    fire starters – large cotton balls coated with petroleum jelly*
    1 sandwich-size plastic bag (to hold fire starters)*
    2 55-gallon heavy duty/contractor plastic bags*
    25′ paracord*
    1 two-quart metal pot
    1 lighter (Bic-type)
    small pocket knife or multi-tool

    *will be provided by Troop

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