St. James visit on Sunday

We will be at St. James this Sunday – The service is at 10:30. We will be meeting with the Church after the service. To be safe plan on being there by 11:45 if you are not going to the service. This is a great opportunity for us to meet with the St James community and for St. James to meet the best Troop & Crew out there. Wear your class A uniforms –

Directions for the Troop & Crew:

The church is located at 1991 Mass Ave Cambridge, just north of Porter square. It is a big stone structure. If you go to Google maps and look at the photo you can’t miss it. Parking can be an issue. There is a small parking lot but it gets totally jammed for the service. Residential parking limitations are off for Sunday in the surrounding streets but typically you cannot get a park there either.

There is a commercial lot up the street that church members are allowed to use on Sunday — You go north on Mass Ave 2 short blocks and turn right onto a dead end street then a quick left into the lot behind a row of stores.

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