New Additions to Website

New information has recently been added to the Troop/Crew 56 website. List of posted documents plus their location is as follows:

  • Troop 56 FAQ plus supporting documents: Who We Are -> Key Info
  • Chartering Organization Relationship: Who We Are -> Key Info
  • COVID Protocols for 2021–2022 Trips: Forms & Policies -> Trip & Event Planning
  • 2021 Holiday Tree/Wreath Sales Info & Docs: -> Fundraising

Agenda for Tuesday, January 8

Happy New Year!

It is 2019 and I have messed up on my dates already. Many of us want to start off fresh and wish for a better future. To answer this calling, the troop will have more positions after this upcoming meeting

7:00-7:05 | Opening
7:05-7:25 | Presentations of the 6 positions
7:25-7:35 | Ask for candidates (each scout must sign up for 2 preferred positions)
7:35-8:00 | Discussion TBD

Put in your calendars that February 5 will be a COH! We are half way into the year and it is about time that scouts get what they have earned. I will also ask for a MC and have the scout review and adjust the script in the following weeks.

February draws near as such as the trip for it. There will be announcement for it and preparations for the trip will soon come.

Lastly, there will be an advancement session on the 15th. Everyone will need their books then and get as many requirements done as you can before the COH.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

Clarification of Electronics Policy: TROOP & CREW 56

Via Michelle Holmes:

I have been asked to distribute the electronics policy of Troop & Crew 56.  This is based on many years of experience, a recent Troop Committee vote, and consultation with several leaders. 

The ONLY use for cell phones, (also laptops, iPads etc) on Scout trips is to call parents for pick up after the trip is done.  If brought, phones should stay in the cars during the trip.  We strongly urge families to consider having their Scout leave their phone home period.  Adult phones will be available to call parents for pick up after the trip. 

The following reasons are not considered legitimate needs for a phone:
·      entertainment during the car ride
·      alarm clock
·      desire to complain to parents during the trip
·      taking photos
·      music to fall asleep by
·      ordering pizza
·      and others 

Reasons for enacting this policy include
·      encouragement of pro-social interactions, and teamwork
·      appreciation of nature
·      encouragement of youth independence, problem solving, and overcoming obstacles
·      discouragement of disruptive behavior such as making of crank calls, emails, and social media posts; and looking at inappropriate websites and movies in the tents.  This is very difficult for adult leaders to police.

We encourage parents to discuss these rules with their children prior to attending this weekend’s trip, and any other trips.

Winter Trek this Friday!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

As you all know, we are leaving for the Winter Trek this Friday.  I know Harrison sent a reminder a few days ago, but because we are not meeting before we head out…we are sending extra reminders.  

Please, Please, Please make sure your packs are packed with the gear listed below.  We want to keep everyone safe and warm during all the outside activities.  It looks like Saturday may be a mix of rain/snow, so please take a double or triple check to make sure you have rain gear, snow gear, and warm layers.  Mr. Katz will be picking up our borrowed gear from the YOP on Thursday.  In efforts to make a speedy departure, we will keep it stored in the car and distribute it to each individual when we reach VT.  Can’t remember what you asked to borrow?  Check out the list here.

We will meet at the parking lot behind the Carriage Building (2067 Mass Ave, Cambridge) at 3:30 pm.   Please, please, please bring a SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP with you.  You can find it on the troop website here and I’ve attached a pdf to this email.  
Everyone please bring a bag dinner on Friday for the ride up to VT.  
Remember that any medication needs to be in its original packaging with directions and please leave your electronics at home.  

It will take us about 3.5 – 4 hours to reach the camp.  Right now, Friday looks to be good weather for driving.  There will be other troops arriving on Friday night and the camp has some activities and ice breakers planned for Friday evening.  Before our departure on Sunday, we will make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for scouts to eat on the way home.  We have had limited contact with the camp and do not have an accurate time as to when we will be leaving…sometime in the morning after breakfast.  We will provide you with pick up details as soon as we can.  I’m sure the reception is spotty up there, but we will pull over to fill you in during travel.  

Please feel free to contact either Mr. Katz or myself if you have any questions.  Looking forward to having some fun in the snow…it’s going to be a great weekend!
Happy New Year!
Shannon – 617-710-6799
Gerry – 617-515-8383

t-shirts (not cotton) 3
Long sleeve shirt (not cotton)3
Long pants (not cotton)2
Fleece jacket (synthetic) or heavy wool sweater2
Warm gloves or mittens1-2
Warm winter jacket1
Snow pants1
Wool socks 3
Liner socks (synthetic)3
Synthetic long underwear (base layer) top & bottom2
Rain gear (pants and jacket)1
Warm hat (wool or synthetic)2
Warm, insulated hiking boots or winter boots 1
Slippers for inside cabin to avoid wet floors1
Sleeping bag (30°F) no sleeping pad needed1
Towel – small hand 1
Toiletries (thoothpaste, toothbrush, etc1
Headlamp or flashlight 1
insulated mug or cup for hot drinks (not ceramic)1
Water bottles (1L Nalgene)1
Scout handbook1
Clothes to sleep in (can be cotton)1
Lightweight daypack1
Large duffel or backpack to fit everything1
Optional Items Optional Items
reading book
pocketknife (Need Totin’ Chip)

Agenda for Tuesday, December 11

Good evening everyone,

This is the agenda for the meeting:
7:00-7:05  |  Opening
7:05-7:20  |  Bennett’s Presentation (Those who are not going to January trip)                    
                 |  Pack Check (Those who are going will do the pack check)
7:20-7:35  |  Advancement Check-ins (Pack check may still continue if necessary)
7:35-8:00  |  YPT

Please bring your books so we can check up on your progress in theyear. There may be a COH (Court of Honor) coming up soon!

Pack checks will be mandatory for the January trip. Shannon Taylor (SISUNG.TAYLOR@GMAIL.COM) and Gerry Katz (GERRY.KATZ@HOTMAIL.COM) are the adult leaders for the trip. Harrison Taylor (HSTAYLOR96@GMAIL.COM) is the scout trip leader as well. Refer to them for any questions.

Also, please book in your calendars that 12/18/18 will be the troop party. Special events will be planned for the troop party.

Feel free to talk with me if you need to.

Yours in Scouting,
Jeffrey Gomez

Trips for 2018-19

Here is a brief listing – please contact us for more info!

Sept 14-16 – Sandy Hook (Cape Cod) hiking w/2 nights camping at Camp Greenough

Oct 6-8 – MASSJAM — the statewide scout jamboree on Barnstable County Fairgrounds

Nov 2-4 Cape Cod Conservation – Dennis Conservation Trust

December 1st or 8th – BodaBorg! Team problem solving in Malden

Jan 4-6, 2019 – Mt Norris Scout Reservation, Eden, VT

Feb 1-3 — Cross Country skiing probably Bear Notch, staying in Shapleigh Bunkhouse, eating at Highland Center.

Mar 22-24 Wilderness Survival Weekend – Wuh-Tut-Ca Scout Camp, NH

April 26-28 Mt Greylock, Berkshires

May 17-19 Mt Cardigan, White Mountains, NH

June 22-23 Cape Cod bicycle trip

an exhilarating trip!