Proposal to the St. James Vestry

Proposal: For St. James’s to be the Charter Organization for the Boy Scouts of America units currently known as Pack 56, Troop 56, Crew 56, and Learning for Life unit all currently chartered to Grace Methodist Church, Cambridge, which is being sold.

What we are asking you to provide, required by the BSA:

  • A meeting place, ideally now (September)
    • 2 rooms on the same weeknight (ideal), or
    • 1 room on different weeknights
  • Equipment storage
    • Access to church buildings (keys) for responsible adults
  • Approval of adult leaders
    • In practice this is done by the “Charter Organization Representative (COR),” a person who is a member of both the Charter Organization and the Scout units. This person acts as a liaison between the church and the scout units and it is his or her job to make sure that the scout units are following church policies. Derrick Jackson volunteers to be the COR

What we are additionally asking:

  • Support of our practice of welcoming LGBT adult volunteers, families, and youth, and girls under age 14
  • Integration into the lifeblood of the church community, while recognizing that we serve youths of all faiths and no faith.
  • If possible, please let us know your decision prior to our last Committee meeting of the year Thursday June 21st.

What we would like to offer:

  • A holistic program of character, leadership, citizenship, and spiritual development, as well as physical fitness and appreciation of nature for the youth of St. James’s and surrounding communities, ages 6-20
  • Some form of ongoing service to the church that the youth can do in gratitude for meeting and storage space. Examples: gardening, raking, cleaning, etc.
  • In recognition that we would be taking St. James’s youth away from their church school on monthly trips, we would enhance our interfaith observances on trips.

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