Proposed Trips for 2015-16

The following is a listing of trips for the year 2015-2016. This year is distinctive because it is a year when some scouts go on a 12 day hiking trip in Philmont, New Mexico, July 2016. In order to qualify for the trip the Philmont scouts have specific requirements, some of which all scouts participate in.

Philmont Trip Requirements include:
Community Service Trip
2 qualifying hikes (backpacking, or snowshoe to a hut)
Formal Shakedown (Memorial Day Vacation)

The Shakedown is for Philmont participants only so is not listed below.

*****Please note, there are other requirements for Philmont not listed here.*****

9/11-9/13/2015″Flags on the 48″ Mount Washington
An annual commemoration of 911 dead. Hikers post an American flag (and in our Troop & Crew several other flags including the UN, the Earth flag, Rainbow flag) We will travel to New Hampshire, camp at Dolly Copp Campground. Philmont qualifier.
Cost: Campsite, parking and food = $25/scout
Male Adult Leader: David English
Female Adult Leader: Robin Bonner
Youth Leader:

10/2-10/4/2015 Stratton Pond Wilderness Backpacker
Backpack for two nights through the Stratton Pond Wilderness area of Vermont (about 3.25 hours from Cambridge), camping or staying at shelters. Philmont qualifier.
Cost: Camping at AMC shelter and food=$25/scout
Female Adult Leader: Liz McNerney
Male Adult Leader: Brian O’Rourke
Youth Leader:

11/14-11/15/2015 Acushnet River Conservation
Spend a day assisting the Buzzards Bay Coalition with restoring the Sawmill to improve and protect the health of the Acushnet River, which consistently ranks in the Coalition’s Bay Health Index as one of the most polluted waterways in all of Buzzards Bay. Philmont qualifier.
Estimated cost: $25.00 /scout
Female Adult Leader: Kate Elliot Smith
Male Adult Leader: Michael Fitzgerald
Youth leader:

12/5-12/6/2015 Tree Sales Pick Up
Adult Leader: Helen O’Rourke

12/12/2015 Indoor Climbing Gym
Boston Rock Gym, Woburn,MA. Spend a weekend day learning rock climbing skills, belay.
Estimated Cost: $50/scout for 4 hrs; Rock Climbing Merit badge
Female Adult Leader: Tara Greco
Male Adult Leader: Andreas Ballesteros
Youth Leader:

1/9/2016 Downhill Skiing at Mt Wachusett
One-day ski trip to Wachusett Mountain. Scouts bring their own lunch.
Estimated cost: Discounted rates for a group of 15 scouts or more. Beginners can get package of beginner lift ticket, equipment and lesson for $99.
Non-beginner $108 for lift, equipment rental. $63 lift only
Female Adult Leader: Shannon Taylor
Male Adult Leader: Colin Zick
Youth leader:

2/5-2/7/2016 Snowshoeing White Mountains
Snowshoe trip to Zealand or Carter Notch Hut in the White Mountains. We travel to the AMC Highland Center Lodge, spend the night and hike the next day to one of the huts, spend the night there and return the following day. Philmont qualifier.
Cost: Highland Center and Zealand Hut, including some meals, and other food: $35/scout. (With Scoutmaster English’s AMC discount.)
Female Adult Leader: Mary Ellen Gallante
Male Adult Leader: Britt Rideout
Youth Leader:

weekend in March or April Wilderness First Aid Training
At Camp Sayre. Date TBD. Philmont requirement.

3/3/2016 Merit Badge University Session 1 of 2
The Harvard College Friends of Scouting in conjunction with Boston Minuteman Council presents Merit Badge University (MBU) 2016. Merit Badges (MBs) are an important part of the Boy Scout Program. At MBU, Scouts may earn up to three MBs that are not typically available in a camp or troop setting.
Registration 1/23/2016 – 2/5/2016
For more information: Link

3/18-3/20/2016 Weekend at the Maine Primitive Skills School
The Maine Primitive Skills School is a wilderness survival school. They teach wilderness survival, bushcraft, wildlife tracking, shelter building, water collection & disinfection, friction fire making, wild edibles, scout skills, survival trapping, and more. We stay at Camp Hinds, near Portland, ME
Estimated Cost: School fee minimum $250, then $25 for ea. additional scout after 10 scouts. Stay at Camp Hinds $150-1 cabin + food, wood and propane=$50/scout
Female Adult Leader: Michelle Holmes
Male Adult Leader: Richard Klibaner
Youth Leader:

4/9/2016 Merit Badge University Session 2 of 2
See listing above.

4/29-5/1/2016 Appalachian Trail
Two-night camping and 2 days of hiking on the legendary Appalachian Trail, which covers 2180 continuous miles of trails, crossing 14 states. We will hike a portion–either the Connecticut A.T. or the Bear Mountain New York. Philmont qualifier.
Cost: $25/scout
Female Adult Leader: Sally Watermulder
Male Adult Leader: Britt Rideout
Youth Leader:

5/7/2016 Mother’s Day Flower Pick-up

5/20-5/22/2016 Archery/Riflery/Fishing
Two-night tent camping at Camp Sayre, with archery, riflery and/or fishing
Estimated cost: Program Pass $25/scout; Food about $12/scout=
$37/scout (possible add, charge for ammunition)
Female Adult Leader:
Male Adult Leader:
Youth leader:

5/27-5/30/2016 Philmont Shakedown Hiking Trip
Location TBD. Memorial Day weekend
For Philmont pre-qualifiers only.
Adult Male Leader: Michael Fitzgerald
Adult Female Leader: Liz McNerney
Youth Leader:

6/24-6/26/2016 Martha’s Vineyard Bicycle Trip
Bicycling on Martha’s Vineyard. Take the ferry from Woods Hole with your bike and camp for two nights at BSA’s Camp Duarte. Regular ferry runs Sept., Oct., May and June.
Cost: Ferry per person w/bike, $24, plus campsite and food. Estimated total: $55/scout.
Female Adult Leader: Helen O’Rourke
Male Adult Leader: Peter Desnoyers
Youth leader:

7/1/-7/16/2016 Philmont Hiking Trip
Male Adult Leader: Michael Fitzgerald
Female Adult Leader: Liz McNerney
Youth Leader

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