Christmas Tree Sales – Script available!

After Edward B’s awesome “how to sell” tutorial at our weekly meeting, he has kindly provided a sales script to practice with.

Scouts can print this out and practice with family or a fellow Scout before heading out to their neighborhood. Thanks to Ed for providing the resource!

Download the script here: Christmas Sales Script v1

We also would like to link to the Salesmanship Merit Badge which Scouts might like to take advantage of:

Correct Forms are AVAILABLE

Dear All:

The Flyer has been revised to correct the date at the top (from 2016 to 2018), and I’ve edited the copy in a few places (Wilson Farms is no longer our tree vendor). They are available for download here.

If you have already started using the previous version, rest assured that the products, prices, and pick up address and dates were all correct on the original version.

Kate Scherlis (formerly Kate Elliott Smith)

UPDATED PARKING for the Cape Cod Conservation Trip this Friday

The countdown is on for our Cape Cod Conservation Trip, starting this Friday 11/2.

We will meet at 3:30 in the parking lot behind the Henderson Carriage Bldg on Mass. Ave., and we’ll return there Sunday around noon.

It’s the big brick building at 2067 Mass. Ave., not far up from St. James – just past the fire station and gas station.

To get into the parking lot:
Turn right on Hadley St. just past the Speedway gas station or Russell St. just past the building and traffic light at Walden, go around to the back.

See you there at 3:30 – don’t be late!
And don’t forget your bag dinner and your raincoat!

This Week’s Troop Meeting, October 23

This week’s meeting will run from 7:00pm to 8:30pm because there are some very important discussions to take place and preparations for the November trip.


7:00  |  Start with Scout Oath and Law

7:10-7:30  |  Scout Law Discussion

7:30-8:15  |  Everyone going on the trip will be discussing over food lists and other preparations ; those not going to the trip will be finishing fitness activities (includes sit & reach, push-ups, and sit-ups)

8:15-8:30  |  Announcements and Scoutmaster’s Minute with a SPECIAL TREAT that will be kept as a surprise towards the end

One last thing regarding the trip, the trip needs some volunteers to help Roberto go shopping on November 1st, a Thursday. Please look at your calendars and volunteer, if you can, at the upcoming meeting.

Cape Cod Conservation Trip

Now that we’ve got two trips under our belts, it’s time to get ready for our November trip to Dennis, MA for our conservation project! Sue and I are the adult leaders, while Roberto is our intrepid youth leader.

We’ll be going down to the Cape to help the Dennis Conservation Trust with invasive species removal. The work will take place on Saturday, but we’ll head down Fri and come back Sun as usual.

Who should go?
As always, the trip is open to anyone, but this trip is required for anyone interested in going to Philmont next summer. In addition, this trip can count towards your school community service requirements if you have those! It’s also often a good trip to check off some rank requirements.

How can I help and/or prepare?
We’re especially looking for adult drivers to join us on this trip! If you have garden gloves or lawn clippers/cutting tools, those would also be helpful.

If you’re thinking of going on the trip, make sure your gear is up to date and you have long sleeves, pants, and closed-toe shoes readily available! It’s also not a bad idea to start thinking of what some menu items could be! Remember: the food’s only as good as you make it. (Shout-outs to Tano Holmes and Andrew Hartness for their roles in teaching youth about cooking!)

Download the packing list for colder weather camping here: Nov trip packing list

Each Scout must have a permission slip signed by his or her parent or guardian. Download the permission slip here <>. It is also available on the Troop website. Scouts must also be in good standing (up to date on dues and signed up for service hours with Dr. Holmes).

We’ll be announcing additional details tonight and at upcoming meetings, but in the meantime, email me and Sue back if you’re interested in joining!



MassJam—Important Info

Dear Scouts and adults going to MassJam, and Scout parents/guardians,
The following people have signed up to go to MassJam next week, October 5 to 8. Please let us know NOW if you are not going.

  • Venturers/Scouts/Webelos
    • Dante (trip leader)
    • Carmen
    • Bennett
    • Bianca
    • Emily
    • Enzo
    • Henry
    • Kavita
    • Jeffrey
    • Korbinian
    • Kevin
    • Neelu
    • Meredith
    • Manny (Webelos)
    • David (Webelos)
  • Adults
    • Jeni
    • Erin
    • Richard


We have a lot to do to get ready for this trip and a short time to do it. At next Tuesday’s meeting we will:

  1. Pick the Alpha and Bravo patrol leaders for the trip.
  2. Do meal planning. We will bring bag dinners for Friday night, and food to make breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday and breakfast on Monday. Each patrol will do its own meal planning. The two trip patrol leaders will lead this effort.
  3. Do a pack check. A packing list is attached here. Bring your pack and everything on the list to the meeting. If there is something you do not have and would like us to try and get it from the AMC you must email me no later than this weekend.
  4. Get together the Troop gear we need for the trip – tents, dining canopy, tarp, rope, stoves and fuel, matches, fire extinguisher, coolers, cooking gear, water jugs, basins for washing up, soap, bleach, paper towels, garbage bags. You should consider whether there is anything else we need. If we have the gear ready to go, we will leave much more quickly on Friday afternoon. The two trip patrol leaders will lead this effort.

Permission slips

Each Scout must have a permission slip signed by his or her parent or guardian. If you do not have a signed permission slop, you will not go on the trip. Download the permission slip here. It is also available on the Troop website. If possible, please bring it to the meeting on Tuesday.

Duty rosters

Each trip patrol leader should draw up a duty roster listing which Scouts will prepare each meal and clean up afterwards. I suggest that you assign two Scouts to each task, but that is up to you. Please do this BEFORE the trip and bring it with you.

Advancement deadline reminder

Hello all,

This is just to remind everyone that all advancement materials (blue cards, rank advancement…etc.) must be turned in by end of mtg on October 2nd. anything not turned in at that time will have to wait until our next Court of Honor (most likely in February). I am willing to arrange material drop-offs on non-meeting nights, between now and OCT 2nd, for those of you that cannot attend the next couple of Tuesdays. Please contact me if that is the case

Scott Donaldson
Advancement Chair
Troop/Crew 56

9/18/2018 Meeting — Plans

Greetings everyone,

First, I want to quickly start off with important upcoming announcements. Mrs. Jeni Pereira will be the adult leader for the upcoming MASS JAM trip during Columbus Weekend. This trip will have multiple troops from all over the state. A Court of Honor (COH) is scheduled on October 9th. Those who do not know what a COH is, it is where scouts get all kinds of badges, certificates, and most importantly, ranks.

For the upcoming meeting plans, the troop will participate in advancements. To operate such activity, there will be scouts grouped according to rank as older scouts help sign off their requirements as they learn. This is the perfect opportunity to blast through a rank and finish some requirements for the planned COH so you can get your rank. You can either talk to me or Mr. Donaldson (Advancement Chair) if you have any questions.

The troop will then listen to Henry’s speech. This is for a requirement on his communication merit badge (Eagle required and every scout will have to do this for Eagle 1 day).

This will lead into a quick lecture about the “extra curricular” parts of Boy Scouts. It will mostly include merit badges and how they work. But it will also have a little about other certificates and badges like the 50 Miler Award.

If you have anything to share with me (questions,comments,concerns,etc.), I will to reply with an answer.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

Canoe Trip

As you know we have a Cape Cod (North Falmouth) canoe trip coming up on June 22nd to the 24th. To go on the trip you must have completed a swim test and have your medical form turned in (this is true for both scouts and any parents/guardians). The swim test form can be found on the website’s “Forms and Policies” page; after downloading and printing, you can complete the test by calling the local Y and making arrangements.

I have linked a Cape Cod Canoe Pack List. We will have a pack check on Tuesday the 19th.

So far I have the following (updated) list of participants. Please let David and I know at your earliest convenience of any changes (additions, subtractions, etc.)

David English
Helen O’Rourke
Brian O’Rourke
Sally Watermulder (1/2 trip)
Susan Stewart
John Greene (?)
Lizbeth Green
Enzo – Trip Leader
Jeffrey G
Emily G
Mark K