Canoeing MB Course

Scouts and families of 56,

I will be offering the Canoeing merit badge soon. To earn this badge requires attendance at the following events listed below. This merit badge is excellent preparation for our two upcoming canoe trips in May and June.

** 5 Classroom sessions. These will be held from 6:30 – 7:00 PM at St. James’s Church just prior to the regular Scout meeting. Because of the short time frame it is very important to be on time. Also the class is largely Scout- taught: Each Scout will be given a topic & expected to prepare a 10 minute talk to be presented to the other Scouts to learn. Failure to prepare your topic means that everyone misses that requirement.

**Passing the BSA Swimmer Test

**Basic paddling lesson

**Learning and performing a canoe capsize and rescue  (2 persons per canoe).

Mar 20 – Classroom session @ 6:30 – First Aid (Adult presentation)
Mar 27 – Classroom session @ 6:30 – Parts of the canoe, parts of paddles and life jackets (Scout presentations)
Apr 3 – Classroom session @ 6:30 – Knots and canoe camping gear (Scout presentation
Apr 10 – no class, Court of Honor
Apr 17 – no class, school vacation
Apr 24 – Classroom session @ 6:30 – BSA Safety Afloat video (Adult presentation)
May 1 – Classroom session @ 6:30 – Types of canoeing (Scout presentation
TBD – BSA Swim Test, War Memorial pool
TBD – Canoe capsize & rescue test (We are looking for an indoor location for this due to cold water!)

The following Scouts last night indicated their interest. If you are not on this list but are interested, please email me!
Yours in Scouting
Michelle Holmes.


Simon R-M
Zach R-M
Mark K
Bianca P
Gabriel P
Elias H
Kevin S
Jeffrey G
Roberto R
Gray B
Hima S

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