Red Gate Farm Reminders!

Hello Red Gate Gang!

Just a few reminders for our upcoming trip.

Proper clothing

1) You will need rain gear. pants and a jacket (no ponchos). The weather will be in the low 40s with a good chance of precipitation. This is perfect hypothermia weather. We will be moving around out in the open all day on Saturday. You don’t want to miss out on earning your merit badge because you had to go sit in the dining hall due to being wet and cold.
2) Work gloves… You can find these for a couple bucks at any hardware or big box store
3) For the rest, consult the packing list that our youth leader, Harrison, sent out on Tuesday.

Farm Mechanics Merit Badge

Attached you will find a detailed schedule of our time on Red Gate. At the bottom of the attachment you will see some items that your Counselor would like you to look into before you get there. You will be given your books at the next mtg. Please have the $5.53 with you. Checks would be best…

Permission Slips

The permission slip is also attached. Please bring it on Tuesday. No slip, no trip.

Meal Planning

Due to the last blizzard we did not get to go over our meals for the trip. Harrison, Gwei & Henry put some work into that over the weekend. I would expect an email from Harrison on that subject shortly. I do know that you will need to bring a bag lunch/dinner for Friday evening.

Departure on Friday

We will be leaving St James parking lot at 5pm sharp. We are expected by the farm at 7pm, and we’re giving ourselves a little extra time in case of rotten weather.

That’s all I have for now. If you have any questions please contact either Harrison, Shannon or myself.

Scott Donaldson

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