9/18/2018 Meeting — Plans

Greetings everyone,

First, I want to quickly start off with important upcoming announcements. Mrs. Jeni Pereira will be the adult leader for the upcoming MASS JAM trip during Columbus Weekend. This trip will have multiple troops from all over the state. A Court of Honor (COH) is scheduled on October 9th. Those who do not know what a COH is, it is where scouts get all kinds of badges, certificates, and most importantly, ranks.

For the upcoming meeting plans, the troop will participate in advancements. To operate such activity, there will be scouts grouped according to rank as older scouts help sign off their requirements as they learn. This is the perfect opportunity to blast through a rank and finish some requirements for the planned COH so you can get your rank. You can either talk to me or Mr. Donaldson (Advancement Chair) if you have any questions.

The troop will then listen to Henry’s speech. This is for a requirement on his communication merit badge (Eagle required and every scout will have to do this for Eagle 1 day).

This will lead into a quick lecture about the “extra curricular” parts of Boy Scouts. It will mostly include merit badges and how they work. But it will also have a little about other certificates and badges like the 50 Miler Award.

If you have anything to share with me (questions,comments,concerns,etc.), I will to reply with an answer.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

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