MassJam—Important Info

Dear Scouts and adults going to MassJam, and Scout parents/guardians,
The following people have signed up to go to MassJam next week, October 5 to 8. Please let us know NOW if you are not going.

  • Venturers/Scouts/Webelos
    • Dante (trip leader)
    • Carmen
    • Bennett
    • Bianca
    • Emily
    • Enzo
    • Henry
    • Kavita
    • Jeffrey
    • Korbinian
    • Kevin
    • Neelu
    • Meredith
    • Manny (Webelos)
    • David (Webelos)
  • Adults
    • Jeni
    • Erin
    • Richard


We have a lot to do to get ready for this trip and a short time to do it. At next Tuesday’s meeting we will:

  1. Pick the Alpha and Bravo patrol leaders for the trip.
  2. Do meal planning. We will bring bag dinners for Friday night, and food to make breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday and breakfast on Monday. Each patrol will do its own meal planning. The two trip patrol leaders will lead this effort.
  3. Do a pack check. A packing list is attached here. Bring your pack and everything on the list to the meeting. If there is something you do not have and would like us to try and get it from the AMC you must email me no later than this weekend.
  4. Get together the Troop gear we need for the trip – tents, dining canopy, tarp, rope, stoves and fuel, matches, fire extinguisher, coolers, cooking gear, water jugs, basins for washing up, soap, bleach, paper towels, garbage bags. You should consider whether there is anything else we need. If we have the gear ready to go, we will leave much more quickly on Friday afternoon. The two trip patrol leaders will lead this effort.

Permission slips

Each Scout must have a permission slip signed by his or her parent or guardian. If you do not have a signed permission slop, you will not go on the trip. Download the permission slip here. It is also available on the Troop website. If possible, please bring it to the meeting on Tuesday.

Duty rosters

Each trip patrol leader should draw up a duty roster listing which Scouts will prepare each meal and clean up afterwards. I suggest that you assign two Scouts to each task, but that is up to you. Please do this BEFORE the trip and bring it with you.

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