Agenda for Tuesday, March 26

Hello everyone,

Scouts have just come back a wilderness survival trip and they have a lot of knowledge to share! Did you know that you can make tea with the pine needles of a white pine tree? During the trip review, the scouts who went will be sharing cool experiences and teach some quick and meaningful skills of wilderness survival.

7:00-7:05  |  Opening
7:05-7:10  |  Trip Review
7:10-7:55  |  Scout Games
7:55-8:00  |  Closing

This week’s meeting will be focused on some scout games. It has been a while since scouts have played around with each other so this will be the meeting to let loose a bit. I do want each scout to concentrate on the scout games and not other distracting events.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

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