2019 Scouts Trash Bag Campaign Begins

Scouts, and Scout Parents,

This weekend we start the 2019 Scouts Trash Bag Campaign.  Attached are the sales forms where you collect the customer information, bag quantities, and customer payment amount.  We have also included a script for you to use and a marketing sheet to help you describe these eco-friendly products.
This year we are selling the 13 Gal. tall kitchen bags in 30 qty or 50 qty amounts,
and the 30 Gal. trash bags in 30 qty. The pricing is on the order form.
Remember that these funds go toward your scouting fee and supports the activities and resources for our troop.  For the next 2 Tuesday’s we will begin collecting your payments for the trash bags.  You will have 2 weeks for this sales campaign.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Enjoy meeting your neighbors and providing them with eco-friendly products, doing good for their community and the planet.

Yours in Scouting,

Edward Bartholomew (Eli’s Dad)

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