Monthly Committee Meeting TONIGHT, January 29

Hello all,

Apologies for the late email! All parents and adult volunteers are invited to the monthly committee meeting tonight 29 Jan at 7:10pm after the opening ceremony. Please email me any agenda items you would like to include in addition to the ones below.

Yours in Scouting,

Committee Chair

4-6 Jan Winter Skills (Shannon/Gerry)
1-3 Feb X-country skiing (Susan/Colin)
22-24 Mar wilderness (Michelle/Andrew)
26-28 Apr backpacking (Gail/Jim/David)
17-19 May White Mts backpacking (Liz/Sally/Melaku/Gerry)
21-23 Jun Cape Cod biking (Sue/Neil)
Philmont (Britt)
Cubs update (Sen)
Troop room/gear update (Gail/Larry)
Advancement report/CoH (Scott)
Inclusion report (Marietta)
Treasurers’ report (Neil/Hitesh)
Positions (Andrés)

Adult Committee Meeting, Tuesday, November 27

From Andres, here is the proposed agenda for tomorrow’s Adult Committee Meeting.

SC 56 Committee Meeting—Nov 2018


  1. 2-4 Nov conservation trip (Andrés/Sue)
  2. 1 Dec Boda Borg (Lizbeth/Robert)
  3. Trip limits/lotteries (Andrés)
  4. 4-6 Jan Winter Skills (Shannon/Gerry)
  5. 1-3 Feb X-country skiing (Susan/Colin)
  6. Mar wilderness survival (Michelle/Andrew)
  7. Philmont (Britt)


  8. Troop room/gear update (Gail/Larry)
  9. Advancement report/CoH (Scott/Erin)
  10. Service report (Michelle)
  11. Inclusion update (Marietta)
  12. Treasurers’ report (Neil/Hitesh)
  13. Fundraising update (Kate)
  14. Announcements

Other dates to know:

  • 18 Decnext committee meeting (brief) and holiday party

Adult Committee Meeting TONIGHT, Tuesday, Oct 30

All parents and adult volunteers are invited to the monthly committee meeting tonight 30 Oct at 7pm after the opening ceremony. Please email me any agenda items you would like to include in addition to the ones below!

Also, Jeni (our usual grubmaster) will not be able to join us tomorrow. Could someone volunteer to get some food for the adults? You’ll be reimbursed.

Committee Chair

Agenda Items: 
  1. 6-8 Oct MassJam (Jeni/Richard)
  2. 2-4 Nov conservation trip (Andrés/Sue)
  3. 1 or 2 Dec Boda Borg (Lisbeth/Robert)
  4. 4-6 Jan Winter Skills (Shannon/Gerry)
  5. 1-3 Feb X-country skiing (Susan/Colin)
  6. PhilmontLogistics:
  7. Advancement report/CoH (Scott)
  8. Service report (Michelle)
  9. Treasurers’ report (Neil/Hitesh)
  10. Troop room/gear update (Gail)
  11. Fundraising update (Kate)
  12. Autism awareness (Kathy/Julie/Marietta)
  13. Announcements