The Ranger Award

Hannah Ranger AwardMichelle Holmes has prepared a brief history of Troop/Crew 56’s experience with the Ranger Award, the highest award in Venturing. She comments:

Hannah Lyons-Galante was the first Crew 56 Ranger; I am hopeful that Alix and others will soon follow. Since I do not believe any of you were around during those days, I feel the need to record the history and resources (see attached sheet) that went into Hannah’s award and ceremony and also to put the gear collected into the Scout store room rather than my house. In order to make Hannah’s ceremony equivalent in every way to the boys’ Eagle COH, I ended up buying stuff (neckerchief, presentation box, etc) for which the minimum order was 12; so there are 11 of these left.

Hannah sets an inspiring example for today’s youth to follow. The Ranger award is a daunting, but rewarding challenge, and we are committed to promoting and celebrating it on par with the Eagle award.

Ugandan Service Project

DSC02936Dear Scouts,

Moses Wambele, a Ugandan Scouter I met in London at the UK Scouts
headquarters, Gilwell field,periodically corresponds with me about the
activities of his Scouts.

Recently he sent me this write up (with photos) of a community service
project his Scouts did cleaning a rural village well. As you
contemplate your Eagle/Ranger projects and service to the St. James
food pantry, I thought it would be fun for you to see what your
contemporaries are doing in other parts of the world. I have asked Mr.
Henebry to post the document to the website as it is too large to
attach due to the photos.

You should know that Mr. Wambele’s Scouts have invited you to come to
Uganda for a Scouting exchange. I have told him I would inform you for
you to contemplate as you consider next year’s activities 🙂
Dr. Holmes

Project Description