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    1. Packing List for Snowshoe Trip:

      Head Gear:
      1 synthetic balaclava
      1 synthetic or wool hat
      1 face mask

      Upper Body
      2 thermal tops (synthetic or wool)
      1 synthetic pile jacket (i.e. fleece sweater)
      1 lightweight synthetic or wool shirt
      1 down or synthetic fiberfill parka
      1 waterproof/windproof shell

      Lower Body
      2 thermal bottoms (synthetic or wool)
      2 pairs synthetic/fleece/wool pants
      1 pair rain pants

      2 pairs liner socks (synthetic or wool)
      3 pairs hiking socks (synthetic or wool)
      1 pair Sorel-type boots, i.e. winter boots w/ removable liners
      camp shoes (such as Crocs or other lightweight, closed-toe shoes)

      2 pairs liner gloves (synthetic or wool)
      1 pair synthetic or wool gloves or mittens
      1 pair waterproof/windproof mitten shells

      Personal Gear
      1 backpack
      2 wide-mouth 1-liter Nalgene-type water bottles
      1 sleeping pad
      1 headlamp
      1 set extra batteries for headlamp
      toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.)

      Useful to have

    2. Additional Useful Items:
      hiking or ski poles

      Items that will be provided:
      winter-camping (“zero degree”) sleeping bag
      snow shoes

      However, if you have your own snowshoes that you’ll be able to bring, please let David or Robin know.

    3. Timeline for Snowshoe Trip

      Tues. @ 3:30: meet @ church if you need to go to AMC in Boston to borrow boots.

      Tues. @ 6:30: meet @ church to make water bottle insulators.

      Tues. @ 7: regular meeting including pack check for this weekend.

      Wed. or Thurs. tbd: some Scouts will need to help with grocery shopping & some will need to help pack group gear.

      Friday @ 3:30: meet @ church for a 4 pm departure.

      Sunday approx. 2 pm: estimated return time to Cambridge.

    4. Here is the packing list for the ski trip. It is okay on this trip to pack your clothes in a duffel bag not a pack because there will be no hiking. If you have any questions please reply to this email with your question.

      What to bring:
      Bag dinner for Friday night

      Long underwear bottoms
      Long underwear tops
      Socks (regular and ski socks)
      Ski/board boots (if you have them)
      Skis(if you have them)
      Poles(if you have them)
      Helmet(if you have it)
      Snowpants (or fleece pants and rain pants)
      Rain coat (can be with the fleece)
      Winter hat or balaclava
      Heavy Gloves
      Liner gloves
      Hand warmers (if you want them)
      Clothes to lounge in at the O’Rourke’s house
      Friday Night bag dinner
      Book to read
      Sleeping bag (3 season)
      Sleeping pad
      Mess Kit

      What not to bring:
      other electronics

    5. 6 PM for Feb 14th. Feb 28th is currently scheduled for 6:30 PM but we will see how the 2st session goes and may move that back to 6 PM as well

    6. Photographs from trip, Part One:

    7. Our plan has changed. We will be going to the AMC Noble View Outdoor Center in Russell, Massachusetts.

      We will leave from the Church after school on Friday, stay overnight in the Double Cottage, take a winter hke/snowshoe trip on Saturday, stay in the cottage on Saturday night and return by about noon on Sunday. Here is the packing list:


      There is a mandatory pack check at the troop meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 and we will be making water bottle insulators at the same meeting.

      If you have any questions, please email

    8. Sadly, the camera gave up after only one photo. Great bike trip! -Robin

      • Here are the photos I meant to post.

    9. Here is the packing list as well:
      Pack cover
      Sleeping bag+pad
      Method of carrying sleeping bag+pad in/on pack
      Broken in hiking boots
      2 pairs hiking socks
      2 pairs liner socks
      2 pairs underwear (only thing that can be cotton)
      1 pair of hiking pants
      1 pair of hiking shorts
      OR 2 pairs of pants with bottoms that zip off
      1 brimmed hat
      2 short sleeve shirts
      1 long sleeve shirt
      1 set of top+bottoms long underwear
      1 insulating layer
      1 warm hat
      1 pair of light yet warm gloves
      1 set of rain pants and jacket (NOT A PONCHO)
      1 bowl/cup
      1 set of silverware
      2 1 liter water bottles (Nalgenes preferred)
      1 Hydration system( e.g. Camlebak or Platypus) ~2 liters ideal
      1 Headlamp + extra batteries
      Sunglasses (cheap)
      1 Small daypack

      Small pocketknife (If you have Totin’ Chit)
      Bandanna (Can be cotton)
      Lip balm

    10. We will be leaving for Camp Sayre on Saturday morning, not Friday. There will be activities at New England Base Camp on Saturday and the Turkey Roast will be Sunday afternoon. In addition to Erin, the adult leaders are Lizbeth and Richard.

    11. I am looking for a contact. I have my old cub scout and boy scout uniforms, Order of the Arrow sash, and merit badge books from the 60’s. I was ass’t scout master for Troop 4. Is there a place that would accept them as a donation?

      Russell J. Enos, 240-793-9206,

    12. Attachment  Kavita-Trivedi-of-Cambridge-Eagle-Scout-congratulations.pdf

      How can I get a paper copy of my congratulatory note to Kavita Trivedi the Eagle Scout heralded in a recent radio story? I am happy to mail it through troop leadership to respect the young lady’s privacy

    13. 7 Sept 2020

      Hello All Scout Troops, Scout Leaders and Parents,

      It’s that time of the year again, fall, the perfect time to get the Personal Fitness Merit Badge. I, David Emello (YPT certified adult of Troop 304, Belmont) am offering to all interested scouts in the surrounding area the chance to join Troop 304 to earn the Personal Fitness Merit Badge.

      A 13 week program held at the Belmont High School football field (301 Concord Avenue, Belmont MA 02478) on Sunday afternoons (time dependent on the Patriots Football schedule). This will commence Sunday September 19th, ending Sunday December 12th.

      Times vary but Sept 12 will meet at 5PM (after the Pats game).

      Any interested scout may join us by having their parents contact me (see below for details) and copying your respective scout leader. The program includes a weekly meeting which has discussions of a healthy diet, good life decisions, exercise plans, calisthenics, jogging/walking a mile around the track, and stretching. These requirements can be found in the merit badge book.

      Participants will be asked to purchase the Personal Fitness Merit Badge book (or borrow one), print out and complete the merit badge workbook in weekly sections and attend the meetings.

      This badge can be completely VIRTUALLY at 7:30 Sunday nights for those who prefer to work on their own and feel more comfortable in a zoom setting.

      Please contact me with any questions, comments, concerns or just to sign up:

      David Emello
      Troop 304
      Home # 617-484-3898
      Cell# 617-230-1195

      The requirements for the badge can be found at this link:

    14. It was not clear in the meeting that a trip Czar had been assigned for this year. Syd, Erik and Diane volunteered to take it on via email after the meeting.

    15. Hi there. I am an instructor with the Earth and Planetary Sciences department at Harvard. I am going through our field gear, and I have a collection of Coleman 1lb propane canisters that work with multi-burner camping stoves that we don’t need. I also have some foam sleeping mats and sleeping bag liners that are in good condition, but we are upgrading our gear.

      Are these items your group could use for the upcoming year? We would be happy to donate and help get young folks outdoors. I have tried several emails for the leadership, but my emails are bouncing back.

      Thank you for your time,

      • Hi Chloe,
        Yes, we’d be interested in the gear. You can email me directly at Sorry about the glitchy website communications; troop is moving to different internal communication model and hasn’t yet fixed settings on the website.
        Robin Bonner
        Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 56