Boots for Snowshoe Trip

Dear Scouts,

If you’re going on the snowshoe trip next weekend (Fri. Jan. 13-Sun. Jan. 16), you will need winter boots with removable liners. If you don’t have boots like this, we can borrow them from the AMC office in Boston.

If you need to borrow boots for the trip, please be at the church on Tuesday at 3:45 pm. We’ll take the Red Line to the AMC office on Beacon Hill. We should be back about 5 pm.

If you need a ride from North or West Cambridge to the church, I can offer a ride from my house. (Not sure about a ride home, though.)

Please let me know if:

  1. You’ll be at the church at 3:45 on Tues.
  2. You need a ride to the church.
  3. You don’t need to borrow boots because you have boots of your own THAT HAVE REMOVABLE LINERS.OR
  4. You need to make additional arrangements.



Robin Bonner <>

p.s. Peter Desnoyers comments, “Olympia Sports in Fresh Pond had boots that would work, for I think $35 or $40. They’re only in smaller sizes (I think 8 was the largest), and they’re pink and black.”

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