Fitness Advancement

Many elements of this course will be peer-taught. Homework assignments will include researching and preparing information that you will teach to your peers at the next meeting:

  • Presentations will be short (5-10 minutes), but should be more than just your “talking head;” please include something visual like a handout, poster, powerpoint, etc.
  • Please note that if you neglect to prepare for your presentation, not only do you not complete this requirement, but everyone who was planning to listen to you does not complete this requirement

Teaching is required of all Venturing advancement (requirement #11 for the Physical Fitness elective). Being able to “explain” points related to personal fitness is in virtually all of the Boy Scout requirements for this badge.

Scout Teaching Schedule

2014 Fitness Boy Scout Merit Badge and Venturing Elective
Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

  • Please prepare a talk of NO MORE than 8 minutes on the following topics.
  • Please also prepare some kind of handout to give to the other 9 Scouts
  • If you are unable to teach the date you are assigned, please arrange a swap and notify Dr. Holmes
Week Date Topic Scout
4 Mar 4 Heart Disease Tal
High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Henry
Cancer: Major Causes & 7 Warning Signs Maddy
5 Mar 11 Obesity Nick
Anorexia & bulimia Dante
Calories Needed Zoe
6 Mar 18 USDA Food MyPyramid and MyPlate Gabe
Alternative food pyramids, Harvard & others Casey
7 Mar 25 Alcohol Keven
Tobacco Lixing
Cocaine Tal
8 Apr 1 Marijuana Henry
Stimulants Maddy
Painkillers Nick
9 Apr 8 Diuretics Dante
Beta blockers Zoe
Anabolic steroids Gabe
10 Apr 15 Injury prevention of head and eyes Casey
Overuse syndromes (shin splints, carpal tunnel) Keven
Sleep needs & sleep hygiene Lixing
11 Apr 29 Fitness careers: personal trainer Tal
Fitness careers: dietician Henry
Fitness careers: physical therapist Maddy
Fitness careers: coach Nick

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