Packing list for January Snowshoe Trip

Hi Troop and Crew 56,

Attached are the Packing list for the January snowshoe trip and a list of resources on where to purchase gear if you wish.

Nearly everything you need can be borrowed from the AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) via Advisor McNerney and Scoutmaster English, so don’t spend a lot of money on things children will outgrow in 1 year.

Wide mouth Nalgene water bottles and headlamps are useful for many years.

Pack Check next week (Dec. 19th) so we can get an idea of what gear everyone needs to borrow.


Britt Rideout
Assistant Scoutmaster & Associate Advisor

Troop/Crew emails now on the website

The new email system appears to be working well. But I’d appreciate it if you could check in with folks at Tuesday’s meeting. They should have received three emails over the past few days, including this one.

Going forward, emails sent to the list will ALSO be posted as announcement on the front page of the troop website. So if you are worried you missed an email, you can check there: (Note that there may be a few hours delay in posting, since I’m doing it manually.)

Chuck Henebry

Tree and Wreath Distribution this Saturday and Sunday

This weekend is the tree and wreath distribution. If looks like we will get some festive snow, so please bundle up appropriately (Hats, gloves, warm, jackets, etc!) Also, if you know your customers you might encourage them to come earlier in the day before the snow picks up – plus the best selection! Below is the list of people working the distribution. If any of the adults can bring an extra tree saw during their time that would be great.



9AM TO 12:30PM
1-Gwei Strong-Allen
2-Kavita Trivedi
3-Samuel Zewde
4-Roberto Ravicz
5-Lorenzo Duggan
6-Bianca Pereira
7-Dante Pereira
1.-Helen O’Rourke
2.-Brian O’Rourke
3-Jeni Pereira
4-Mike Racicz (?)
5-Melaku Zewde
6-Sally Watermulder
7-Jean Cunningham

12:30AM TO 4:00PM
1-Elias Hartness
2-Harrison Taylor
3-Henry Donaldson
4-Casey Rideout
5-Hima Saini
1.-Scott Donaldson
2-Liz McNerney
3-Britt Rideout

10AM TO 1:00PM
1-Lixing Watermulder
2-Kevin Stewart
3-Gray Bittiker and perhaps Dean
4-Bennet Corso
5-Imani Banks
1.-Helen O’Rourke
2.-David English
3.-Susan Stewart (12 to 1pm)
4-Erin Banks

Trips 2016-17

Scouting Collective 56 goes on one outdoor trip per month from September through June. The 2016–17 Scouting year will culminate with a summer trip to Maine High Adventure (MHA) for a multi-day wilderness canoe trip. All monthly trips are open to all Scouts, but those planning to attend MHA must complete several requirements.

Maine High Adventure Requirements for Summer Wilderness Canoe Trip 2017:

1- Participate in the Community Service Trip (April trip)
2- Complete Wilderness First Aid Training (TBD, usually in March)
3- Participate in two qualifying canoe trips (September and June)
4- Participate in the formal trip shakedown (May trip on Memorial Day weekend)
5- Complete Canoeing merit badge/Watercraft Venturing requirement (spring 2017)
6- Provide a complete BSA medical form, signed by physician Continue reading