Monthly Committee Meeting TONIGHT, January 29

Hello all,

Apologies for the late email! All parents and adult volunteers are invited to the monthly committee meeting tonight 29 Jan at 7:10pm after the opening ceremony. Please email me any agenda items you would like to include in addition to the ones below.

Yours in Scouting,

Committee Chair

4-6 Jan Winter Skills (Shannon/Gerry)
1-3 Feb X-country skiing (Susan/Colin)
22-24 Mar wilderness (Michelle/Andrew)
26-28 Apr backpacking (Gail/Jim/David)
17-19 May White Mts backpacking (Liz/Sally/Melaku/Gerry)
21-23 Jun Cape Cod biking (Sue/Neil)
Philmont (Britt)
Cubs update (Sen)
Troop room/gear update (Gail/Larry)
Advancement report/CoH (Scott)
Inclusion report (Marietta)
Treasurers’ report (Neil/Hitesh)
Positions (Andrés)

Agenda for Tuesday, January 29

Hello everyone,

February 5th is the COH! To make sure we prepare for it, MCs (Master of Ceremonies) will help prepare the scripts while scouts will do other activities. Each scout will be asked to be a part of a skit in their patrols, so please bring ideas for skits this meeting. Also, any questions of advancements can be consulted with Mr. Donaldson.

The February camping trip is also coming up. Make sure you are packed and ready to go.


7:00-7:05 | Opening
7:05-7:15 | Scout Presentation
7:15-7:55 | COH Preparation
7:55-8:00 | Closing

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

March Trip – Please email regarding your interest

Hello Everyone

Eli and me, Emily, are the co-leaders for the March Trip.

We would like to know if you are still planning to go to this trip. Please reply to this email either way, so we can know if there is any space for the people on the waiting list.

March Trip description by Andres Ballesteros

Mar: Wilderness Survival (led by Michelle and Andrew)
· The focus on the March trip will be to try and complete as many requirements as possible of the Wilderness Survival merit badge, under the guidance of Registered Maine Guide Lou Falank. We will have a wood stove heated cabin for Friday night and emergency back up for Saturday night. The wilderness survival trip is mostly held outside and is geared to how to keep yourself alive if stranded out in the woods: making fire with no matches, creating your own shelter out of sticks, etc. One such requirement is to spend a night outside in a shelter you built. However there is nothing in the requirement that says you can’t use a sleeping bag so the plan is to use zero degree winter bags from the AMC.

Yours in scouting,


Agenda for Tuesday, January 22

Hello everyone,

There will be a pack check for the February trip this week. The COH is also coming up on February 5th.


7:00-7:05 | Opening
7:05-7:30 | Pack Check (those not going will be help with gear for the trip in the troop room)
7:30-7:45 | YPT
7:45-7:55 | Speech
7:55-8:00 | Closing

Stay safe with all of the snow and ice!

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

Cross-country ski trip packing list (and permission slip)

Hi Scouts,

I hope you’re all having a good week!

The February trip is coming coming up soon! Make sure to take a look at the packing list below and get ready for a pack check next week (1/22).

This pack check is mandatory meaning IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE PACK CHECK YOU CANNOT GO ON THE TRIP, especially since this is a cold weather trip. If there is anything you need to borrow from the AMC, email Colin at or let us know at the next meeting.

We will have the ski boots from the AMC for you to try on either next week or the week after.

Please feel free to email with any questions:



Agenda for Tuesday, January 15

Good evening,

Tomorrow’s meeting will comprise of only advancements. This is for the purpose of the upcoming COH. After some discussion with the adults at last meeting, the final date for the COH is February 5th so we can honor the female accomplishments OFFICIALLY!

Some quick announcements:

-February trip is coming up and next week will have a pack check for the trip
-BRING BOOKS for this week’s meeting so scouts can advance
-COH is on February 5th
-If you are taking the course for Personal Fitness, come to the church at 6:30 pm
-Mr. Donaldson will not be here for this week’s meeting

7:00-7:05 | Opening
7:05-7:50 | Advancements
7:50-8:00 | Closing

I also have some important updates from last week’s meeting. Some positions are already decided. These positions are: Bianca as scribe, Nora as instructor, Sam as instructor. The rest are still being determined for some certain notice as come up. Harrison is my Assistant Senior Patrol Leader but as of recently, he has to step down because he has his priorities set on schoolwork. It was great working with him as he gave me suggestions, pushed me further, and has accomplished tasks that I asked of him.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

Agenda for Tuesday, January 8

Happy New Year!

It is 2019 and I have messed up on my dates already. Many of us want to start off fresh and wish for a better future. To answer this calling, the troop will have more positions after this upcoming meeting

7:00-7:05 | Opening
7:05-7:25 | Presentations of the 6 positions
7:25-7:35 | Ask for candidates (each scout must sign up for 2 preferred positions)
7:35-8:00 | Discussion TBD

Put in your calendars that February 5 will be a COH! We are half way into the year and it is about time that scouts get what they have earned. I will also ask for a MC and have the scout review and adjust the script in the following weeks.

February draws near as such as the trip for it. There will be announcement for it and preparations for the trip will soon come.

Lastly, there will be an advancement session on the 15th. Everyone will need their books then and get as many requirements done as you can before the COH.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez