Adult Committee Meeting tomorrow, April 30

All parents and adult volunteers are invited to the monthly adult committee meeting tomorrow 30 Apr at 7:10pm after the opening ceremony. Please email me any agenda items you would like to include, though do note that much of the meeting will be devoted to discussing activities for next year. There will be food as usual!

Yours in Scouting,

Committee Chair

2019 Scouts Trash Bag Campaign Begins

Scouts, and Scout Parents,

This weekend we start the 2019 Scouts Trash Bag Campaign.  Attached are the sales forms where you collect the customer information, bag quantities, and customer payment amount.  We have also included a script for you to use and a marketing sheet to help you describe these eco-friendly products.
This year we are selling the 13 Gal. tall kitchen bags in 30 qty or 50 qty amounts,
and the 30 Gal. trash bags in 30 qty. The pricing is on the order form.
Remember that these funds go toward your scouting fee and supports the activities and resources for our troop.  For the next 2 Tuesday’s we will begin collecting your payments for the trash bags.  You will have 2 weeks for this sales campaign.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Enjoy meeting your neighbors and providing them with eco-friendly products, doing good for their community and the planet.

Yours in Scouting,

Edward Bartholomew (Eli’s Dad)

Agenda for Tuesday, April 2

Hello everyone,

The April trip is coming up so please check your calendars to see if you can come. I am leading the trip and I would like full confirmation if you can go by the next meeting.

7:00-7:05  |  Opening
7:05-7:45  |  Practice tent set-ups
7:45-7:55  |  Report for March trip
7:55-8:00  |  Closing

The report for the March trip is going to be a paragraph of events that happened during the March trip. It will be a great thing to have as a tradition after each trip if this goes well. It will be just one paragraph long with 5-6 sentences and the whole troop will work together on it.

Yours in Scouting,
Jeffrey Gomez

Agenda for Tuesday, March 26

Hello everyone,

Scouts have just come back a wilderness survival trip and they have a lot of knowledge to share! Did you know that you can make tea with the pine needles of a white pine tree? During the trip review, the scouts who went will be sharing cool experiences and teach some quick and meaningful skills of wilderness survival.

7:00-7:05  |  Opening
7:05-7:10  |  Trip Review
7:10-7:55  |  Scout Games
7:55-8:00  |  Closing

This week’s meeting will be focused on some scout games. It has been a while since scouts have played around with each other so this will be the meeting to let loose a bit. I do want each scout to concentrate on the scout games and not other distracting events.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

Important Notes for Tonight’s Trip Departure

Hello Scouts,
We are going to have an exciting weekend learning survival skills, and eating is one of them!
Please remember that tonight (Friday) night’s dinner is BRING YOUR OWN BROWN BAG.  We are gathering at 3:30 PM at the Carriage House parking lot, and it is very desirable that we do our drive and arrival while it is still daylight.  If you  arrive at 3:30 expecting to then run to Porter Square to buy something for dinner you will hold the group up.  Please plan accordingly!
See you soon! YiS
Dr H.

Agenda for Tuesday, March 19

Hello everyone,

Last week, scouts not going on the trip have learned some material about wilderness survival. They will be teaching a couple of skills to those who are going on the trip so they are prepared.

7:00-7:05  |  Opening
7:05-7:20  |  Pack checks
7:20-7:40  |  Presentations by scouts
7:40-7:55  |  Food in cold weather
7:55-8:00  |  Closing

Do not forget that the weekend is the wilderness survival trip. The pack check will be re-done and will determine if you can go or not. So make sure you come prepared. Some scouts have passed the pack check and they know if they did. We are not punishing you but will rather have you be safe than sorry.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeffrey Gomez

Wilderness Survival trip – Pack Check

Scouts  going on the Wilderness Survival trip  (and your parents):
1.  This Tuesday we will repeat the mandatory pack check.  If you do not pass the pack check you cannot attend the trip.
–Congratulations to Neelu, Kavita, and Jeffrey who came with complete packs and do not have to repeat.  Kevin is traveling and has made other arrangements.
–All other Scouts going on the trip must come with their entire pack with everything on the attached list,
        –except those items you are borrowing from the AMC (0 degree sleeping bag, foam pads, water bottle insulators)
        –except those items being supplied by the troop (contractor trash bag, tarps, snacks)
–Safety is our top priority.  Winter camping is fun AND can be very dangerous if you are unprepared.  We need to be absolutely certain you have the right gear.  The following statements do NOT provide that assurance:
     –“I have it at home”
     –“I forgot to put it in”
     –“I’m going to be getting one”
     –“You know things have been so busy…”
—One item on the list is a survival kit which you may have to construct
     –We expect you to have this even if you have not passed your Totin’ Chip and your Fireman Chip.  It is a badge requirement
     –You may find suggestions for a survival kit in your Scout Handbook, it is called  “The Scout Essentials”
     –Other outdoor organizations call this kit “The Ten Essentials” and the items can differ somewhat by the organization.  NH Fish &
       Wildlife Ten Essentials listed here:
2.   Could a parent volunter not going on the trip to be the communications coordinator?  When returning home we will call that parent with expected arrival time, who will then call all other parents.  This way Scouts will not need their cell phones on the trip and we can have the electronics-free time that so many families have expressed a desire for.  Please contact me if you are will ing to do this.
Thank you!  Yours in Scouting
Michelle Holmes